Our history

Liwathon is an integrated logistics and investment business headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


Liwathon is created

Liwathon E.O.S. is acquired


Located in Estonia’s Muuga Port, Liwathon E.O.S. is the largest independent oil products terminal operator in the Baltic Sea rim. Today, the company operates four technologically advanced facilities with a total storage capacity of over one million cbm and a railway operator. Liwathon E.O.S. commenced its operations over 20 years ago, becoming a pioneer in the liquid fuels transportation sector in Estonia.  Through the years, the company has succeeded in delivering excellent services and setting a benchmark in providing tailored quality solutions.

Our mission & values

We are committed to leveraging our expertise and skills, and our physical assets and resources, to create a diverse, integrated and comprehensive product portfolio that enables high performance solutions across global energy sectors.

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Sustainability
  • Safety

Our strategy

The constant transformations that take place on the global energy markets bring volatility and dynamics to the supply demand curves. Our use of market intelligence allows us to adapt accordingly, and enables us to create comprehensive and complex solutions that cater to the current market requirements; providing optionality that goes beyond the conventional set of offers. In doing so, we become a fully integrated link in our customers’ supply chain and deliver an added value tailor-made service.

Our social responsibility and sustainability

Within our social responsibility program, we adhere to support sustainable development initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment and the development of local communities.

Safety, Health and Environment

Safety, Health and Environment are core aspects of our corporate culture and these are highly prioritized in all our operations. We are fully determined to continuously grow, improve and go beyond compliance standards and statutory.

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In view of the recent transformation of the LNG landscape in the Baltic region and the growing role of LNG on the global energy markets, we have identified a business opportunity in LNG terminalling and have commenced the development of Tallinn LNG terminal project in Muuga Port, Estonia.

Currently, we are evaluating all the conditions in order to pursue our terminal project, initially preparing to service the LNG bunker market and smaller industrial in-land demand for LNG.  Moreover, given our existing infrastructural benefits, a next phase to develop a larger capacity terminal to satisfy demand in the EU will be explored to meet all objectives.